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where do you ship?# we're now shipping internationally, but shipping costs may be prohibitive until we have roasters in other countries. order from outside the US at your own risk!


is your coffee ethically sourced?# absolutely.


is ordering via ssh secure?# you bet it is. arguably more secure than your browser. ssh incorporates encryption and authentication via a process called public key cryptography. if that doesn’t sound secure we don’t know what does.


how do you store my data?# your order is processed and stored in Stripe. we don't even have our own database!


i only want to drink Nil, do you offer a subscription?# not yet, but we will. follow @terminaldotshop to learn more.


will Nil make me a better developer?# legally we cannot guarantee that it will, but...


does coffee from the command line taste better than regular coffee?# it's just science!


is it true your coffee contains the sweat of @theprimeagen?# we can neither confirm nor deny these rumors.


is it true your coffee contains the tears of @thdxr?# yes, this is true.